Fertilizer Cum Seed Broadcaster

Fertilizer Cum Seed Broadcaster

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For the best quality and high performance Fertilizer Cum Seed Broadcaster, buy our product now. We are exporter, manufacturer from Haryana, offering this significant equipment for spreading fertilizers, seeds and weedicides on the farm area. This Fertilizer Cum Seed Broadcaster machine is made using latest tools and avant-garde material. To ensure it's uniform and consistent working, we implement innovative techniques. We provide rust resistant Fertilizer Broadcaster at best prices, which are competitive in the industry. We welcome small and large orders from all clients & we assure to deliver them within the promised time.

Further Details:

Our range of Fertilizer Broadcaster is a contemporary technology collection designed to spread a range of fertilizers with unmatched ease and efficiency. The traditional method of fertilizers spreading with hands is laborious, time consuming as well as health hazardous. This is a modern method reckoned for time consuming and comfortable without any kind of threat to health. It is used to spread the fertilizers in large area of land with high practicality in real time. A variety of models is available from S-160, S-180 to S-250 as per the hopper size. It is ideal to spread the fertilizer on 12 to 14 meter breadth in field. Its unmatched distributing system makes sure of uniform fertilizers spreading over greater distances. The gear box can absorb sudden changes in the power and keep the machine secure. The opening system has independent levers allowing the operator to select the fertilizer spreading only where it is necessary.


  • Spreading of seeds and fertilizers is done speedily, efficiently and evenly
  • Has the capability to spread myriad products at different spread rate
  • Spreading in precise amount to the right, left and center is possible up to 10 to 15 meter
  • Useful for smooth and homogeneous distribution of granular as well as crystalline fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, seeds.
Features & Advantages :-
  • Fertilizer Cum Seed Broadcaster is a perfect equipment for quickly spreading fertilizers in large portions of land.
  • 10 to 16 meter width in field is the fertilizer fall it can spread.
  • The system can be opened, has independent levers. With this feature, the operator has the choice of spreading the fertilizer in required direction and space.
  • If there are sudden changes in power, the in-built gear box absorbs it and keeps the machine safe.
  • Powder type material can also be mixed and spread using Agitator.
  • Maximum spreading precision is achieved with adjustable positions.
  • It operates at fast speed, saves time and power.
  • It uniformly spread the fertilizers, helping in improving the organic structure of the land.

Specification :


Garud Seed Broadcaster

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